Terms of Service

The rules and regulations you need to follow to begin with our service!
Welcome to listcord terms of service. Last updated 12th March 2021!

By using and logging in to our website you are anknowledging that you are above 13 years of age and showing willingness to follow the Discord Terms Of Service and abide by our own terms, rules and regulations and not to disrespect them anytime. By submiting your bot you grant us / our development to allow your bot to be listed along with the owner(s) name and you are also aknowledging that you have accepted our terms and your bot is public.
01. Submitting your bot
While submitting your bot, remember that your bot should meet the following requirements:
  1. Your bot is not a fork / clone of any other bot!
  2. Your bot does not promotes any kind of racism, sexualism, etc
  3. Your bot is not a private bot.
  4. You are the owner / team member of the bot which you are submitting!
  5. Your bot should be only created by some sort of scripting language, not using any kind of ui sites or apps!
Terms you need to follow after submitting!
  1. Spamming, chatting abusive words, images in the support server will lead you to be banned from listcord terms of service and bot your will be kicked out of botlist!
  2. You have to wait some time unless your bot gets approved by the staff members, any kind of forcing them, will lead a disapproval of your bot!
  3. If there is any kind of serious problem about your bot, we will be contacting you. No response will lead to be demotion of the bot to submissions!
  4. There can be rate limit applied for about if you edit your bot 3 times in a day!
02. Bot Approval
Declining of your bot will be with a valid reason. If there is an big issue with the bot, any time the bot will get a demotion to submissions list as described in the term 2! And if you are banned or you have left the discord server for some reason, your bot will be kicked from botlist instantly, and this action is irreversible.
03. Bot Upvotes
Any kind of selling upvotes in real money form is banned. Threatening someone to upvote someone's bot can be reported too. Using the private api to get multiple spam upvotes as discussed in rule no 5 is also banned.
04. Bot Reviews
Remember whenever you are reviewing a bot, make sure that your review does not contains any kind of bad words or promotes any kind of sexualism, nationalism, etc! You could be banned from Listcord service too
05. Usage of your login details
We use discord login system, to just identify you and prevent spam authenication. We use your details only in our api systems and your profile page! If you feel something is wrong with your login system, you can report us without hesitation. Any kind of tricking the authenication system, spamming, attempting to breaking it which can lead you to be banned from Listcord services!
06. Using private api
Using the listcord private api is strictly prohibited and will lead to ban from Listcord services. If found someone, kindly report to us! This also includes spamming login system and other kind of hazardous attacks on the website!
07. Using browser console
Remember, if someone tells you to paste something in your browser console log. There is 101% chance that it is a scam. Incase, you have been scammed by this way. Kindly report us to recover your listcord account. Scammers will be banned from listcord tos!
08. Copyrights
Any kind of copying listcord logos, images for commercial and personal uses is strictly banned. Contact us to use our images in your website.
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